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Couples Prayerbook


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 This is a unique prayer book for Catholic couples, now available in English and Spanish.  The attack on the Sacrament of Matrimony is intense and prayer is the best defense!  This book is intended to bring couples together, offering a variety of prayers for various stages of marriage, along with wisdom from the saints.  64 pages. 

Available in Spanish also

Spanish option available here


Conversation Cards


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Use these conversation cards as a tool to enrich your relationship! Whether you are trying to improve the strength of your relationship or reconnect with your spouse, these cards combine a variety of topics to provide couples with an opportunity to grow closer.   Each deck contains 50 cards.  Available in English and Spanish.

The Cana Experience

One Day Marriage Retreat


A one day retreat power packed with education regarding modern marriage challenges and enrichment resources.

  • Quality materials and presentation.
  • Resources to help you market the retreat to your parish.
  • An  opportunity for your parishioners to improve their  communication,  knowledge of the Sacrament and tools to implement  positive changes in  their relationships.

The possibility of changing families that will touch generations.   Please email for more information.