Welcome to our blog!  We are Women of the Word hopes to be a place where you will find inspiration and encouragement on your journey, as well as some great resources to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.  

"We" are three, great friends and sisters in Christ, who happen to be Spiritual Directors.  In our ministries, we have discovered and shared wonderful experiences and resources that we hope will be a blessing to you!  Our topics and posts will be centered on the teachings of our beautiful Catholic faith.  Some will be original entries we've written, some by our special  guest girlfriends, and others will be inspirational items from other sources that we think are worth sharing!  Wherever you find yourself on your faith journey we pray you find nourishment here!

It's Spring!  Celebrate this day the Lord has blessed us with, relax with a cup of coffee or ice tea and let's grow!


We Are Women of the Word Blog